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  • What are the sizes of the luggage?
    You can refer to the sizes of all our bags by just clicking product details.
  • Which type of material is used in the bags?
    Every product is customized to a special material. To view specifics, refer to the product details.
  • Are packing aids available in the bag?
    Yes, we have organizers in luggage with mesh pockets, safe pockets and special padded laptop guards in other backpacks or office bags
  • What is the warranty period of a product?
    Check the warranty of every product under the product detail bar.
  • Is the power bank free with the luggage?
    No, although we do have power bank charger fittings.
  • Can my Macbook (15'') fit into a neo office bag (15.6'')?
    Yes, it can.
  • How to check for laptop size before buying our laptop bag/laptop sleeve?
    The size of the laptop compartment will be mentioned in inches
  • Is it safe to hold gadgets in?
    Yes, both the outer shell and the tablet compartment are padded to make sure your gadgets are secure.
  • How can we purchase luggage from Goblin?
    You can buy our products on, Flipkart & Amazon.
  • Which type of lock do you have in your bags?
    Goblin provides luggages with Combination locks.
  • How do I place a bulk or corporate order?
    Send your requirements along with your phone number on and our goblin team will get back to you! p.s. We do have special prices for you.
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